• Q: How did sizzurp come to meet and can you touch basis on what you guys were doing before forming this duo?


    C: Fabian and I were discussing some moombah shirt ideas with our homie Essbeedee a while back… And found out we both use FL. We decided to try to collab one time and it just went so smoothly; why would we not wanna continue together? Our styles compliment each others perfectly. We’ve already got our own distinct Sizzurp sound and it ain’t easy to develop your own distinct style. Especially as fast as we did.
    Credit goes to the moombah though. If it wasn’t for moombahton, Munchi, and J-Trick… I wouldn’t be here. Just know that.

    F: After the first track we did, we just kept collabing mainly because it sounded good. We came up with the idea for Sizzurp about a month ago. We both got into trap as soon as it started poppin and we had been making tunes together for almost a year so it was only right to make this project happen.

    Q: Being from basically across the country what sort of challenges do you guys face?


    C: Well for one, I constantly forget Fabian is 3 hours ahead of me. So I stay callin this guy when it’s like 5AM over there and he’s been asleep for like hours already haha. It’s pretty hard to coordinate our schedules and work on shit at the same time actually. But we make it work cause we’re mothafuckin SIZZURP!

    F: We make it work pretty good. I’m surprised at how well we can work together despite the distance. For me it has been hard to collab with people that live in the same area, so I was even more skeptical about working long distance, but Cody and I seem that rarely found chemistry so I stick with the guy.

    Q: What are your guys visions for sizzurp, in what direction would you like to take it musically


    C: We’ve got something big brewing already. So many things nearly ready for the public to hear… Right now we have ALOT of trap comin to life, even though our first official release was moombahton. But you bet your ass we’ll have some hot moombah on the way too!

    F: We like to make tracks i can bump to you know? If we don’t like the track fully, its not going out. As of right now we just intend to do good music. We have support from very big people in the trap game and moombahton game as well so that means were doing something right, which were very happy for.

    Q: How does the group work as far as production goes, who does what?


    C: Fabian works fast as hell and gets ideas super quick, and I work better when I’ve already got something to start with. So we work real well together and very, very rarely disagree on anything so it’s easy for us to get things done well in a timely fashion. Our percussion game is definitely what you needa watch out for… And just know that Sizzurp don’t play no games! We come with bangers, and that’s it. No filler bullshit silly tracks that you’re not gonna go nuts to. If you ain’t jumpin, we ain’t doin our job.
    Also Fabian is an engineering genius. Quality sound is something we’ll never lack because of this guy.

    F: I think it’s a sort of 50/50 deal. I work on a track one day, he works on it the next. We do tend to work heavily on our drums, but we never really let the drums be the only thing on the track like many minimalistic trap tracks do, where its mainly all 808 and percussion and hardly any technicality to the synths and other details. We like to make well rounded tracks. Were also very detail oriented, which is not something that the ordinary listener might notice, but to us is very satisfactory just knowing that we went all crazy on a track.

    Q: Trap has taken over charts for the greater part of a year, do you see its fame sustaining or do you think its hype will fall?


    C: I mean it’s the same as any other genre really… As long as producers don’t wear out its welcome by continuously making tracks that all sound the same, it’ll stick around for a while. Shit, it’s all about 808s and heavy bass… And if you don’t like bass, you’re probably a lil bitch.

    F: A lot of hip hop heads are hating on it, but i think that if it falls it will be a long time from now. You got the best of both worlds. Two different musical cultures joined into one. To me Trap music is here to stay, but i dont really think it should get bigger. It needs to stay underground as of now I believe. Once a genre goes mainstream the boundaries of what it consists of go out the window, which turns the genre into shit.

    Q: What aspects of genres does each of the members bring to the table, do you get a little bit of florida and California in one song or is it just conglomerate of a lot of styles?


    C: Moombahton is the reason we’re here in the first place. Latin influence comes out no matter what, which makes percussion real easy for us. When you hear Sizzurp, you’ll know it’s us… When it’s moombahton, it’s gonna be Latin. And the trap, hood as a muhfucka.

    F: Where we live is definitely influential to our sound. I tend to make heavy use of the latin influences being that i was born and raised in PR and live in Miami, so im exposed to it every day. It helps us create a vibe that you wouldn’t be able to create if you didn’t have the exposure to these different cultures. Cody is heavy into Wu tang, and old school hip hop so he brings that old school groove to our tracks too, it makes out stuff sound that much more unique.

    Q:List some of the reasons that pushed you two into forming sizzurp? 


    C: 1. We’re gangsta.
    2. …we’re gansgta.
    3. We wanna bring music to everybody that is big every single time. We’re VERY picky about our shit and we’ll never let anything half ass slip through the cracks. If it don’t bang, it ain’t Sizzurp and you won’t hear it. Simple as that.

    F: We do it for the hood niggas and the sucias. Nothing more to it. LOL Jk. I don’t really know. Sizzurp is a project that just came about organically, I came up with the name, Cody liked it and then we just made a bunch of trap tracks under the name.

    Q: Do you guys normally intake some lean when producing?


    C: My blood is purple. Everywhere we go, we have somebody follow us with a boombox to continously play the loop, “Sip-sippin on some, sip-sippin on some Sizzurrrrrrp” so you know it’s real.

    F: Oh yea man, Lean is my equivalent for coffee. First thing i drink before i go on with my day.

    Q: The buzz for the duo: Sizzurp has been building up can you tell readers what is yet to come for them?


    C: Your friends will most likely abandon you soon because you’re not as dope as Sizzurp. So you may wanna mentally prepare for that.

    F: Yea mayne, big stuff soon. Like I said we have a good amount of influential people behind us so hopefully Sizzurp will be bangin on all the clubs of the US soon.

    We’d like to thanks Sizzurp for spending sometime with the hut and for giving us an Exclusive Bunny Hut track:

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